“Cole will always wear *that hat*. No matter what head gear you give him.”


“Cole will always wear *that hat*. No matter what head gear you give him.”

zeropotential said: Would you agree with Moffat's assertion that the Doctor is the ultimate autocratic liberal?




I’d want to see the actual Moffat quote I’m responding to, preferably in context.

"The ultimate hypocrisy at the heart of the Doctor, which is fun to poke a stick at, is that he’s so nasty about soldiers and about people who carry guns, yet look at him - always in the middle of the fight, usually taking command, and I’m not so impressed at his refusal to pick up a gun when he’s inclined, occasionally, to blow up entire planets! I think [character name excised] would say, ‘Look, I picked up a gun to save that guy’s life. You blow up a planet, and you sod off.’ And I think that’s a good character trait of the Doctor’s. I like that he’s the ultimate autocratic liberal - you know, the fascist liberal. It’s what I love about the Robin Hood thing because it reminds us that the Doctor never stops being a nobleman. He’s a high-born nobleman, used to wealth and privilege, who decided to come down among us lot and help out. He thinks he’s one of the guys, but never stops assuming he’s in charge and that people will make him tea. You love the Doctor but you do think, ‘You’re a bit of an arse and you really, really, do think everybody’s here to carry stuff for you.’ That’s true throughout the Doctors, however ‘men of the people’ they pretend to be. They’re really wonderful men trying to help everybody but the Doctor does, like Robin Hood, expect to be in charge. He doesn’t really tolerate being second in command. He’s helping out the people, so long as he can be the boss person with the best bow and arrow - and one day that will come back to haunt him.” 

From the latest DWM, on the Listen preview.

Right, so this is overdue.

I think this picks at a real scab in Doctor Who, which is the way in which it is, at its heart, still based around a genre of adventure stories featuring aristocrats. There are class issues implicit to the Victorian adventure stories that Doctor Who is a modern day heir to. Indeed, I think you can argue that class issues, broadly speaking, are the original sin of the genre. So I like those being foregrounded.

I think Into the Dalek did a nice job with this, finding a reason for the Doctor’s dislike of soldiers that isn’t the obvious “rejection of violence” reason that, as Moffat points out, doesn’t work. Instead he dislikes soldiers because they take orders, which is exactly the sort of thing someone who’s lived for ages with the privilege of not having to take orders would see as a character flaw. 

So yes. Interested to see how far Moffat goes at picking at this, and how he gets out of the narrative collapse implicit in it. 


So, I’ve never been a Moffat hater, but I have recognized that his writing concerning women and minorities has needed some work here and there, especially the women part.

I feel like the two episodes of Series 8 have shown that Moffat is actually listening to the criticism and is actively trying to get better with regards to how he portrays these types of characters. It may not be perfect, and I don’t think it needs to be, but it’s clear it’s a step in the right direction.

And a far better reaction than RTD’s when he got criticized.

People think Moffat doesn’t listen to critiscism but if you look at his run series to series you’ll notice that he clearly does.

Like for example series 6 got complaints for being too plot heavy so the next series he tried a bunch of one offs instead or how he tried to wrap up most plot holes in time of the doctor. 





What the hell did I just watch? 

It’s me pretending to be a video game character what is wrong with you it’s pretty straight-forward

Wow this is really accurate right down to the breathing.

I’ve never hit reblog so fast in my life.

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if ur not boycotting urban outfitters after this i dont want to talk to youimage

if you’ve ever not been boycotting urban outfitters i don’t want to talk to you

i mean it’s sold racist games and costumes in the past, a transphobic card (warning for slurs), stolen from artists, and appropriated countless cultures and now this

urban outfitters is disgusting tbh 

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Best. Cliffhanger. Resolution. Ever.

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Homophobic Whovians


There are actually homophobic Whovians.

This I just don’t get. I really, really don’t. Having had a run-in with one of this breed a short while ago - and being hopped up on caffeine at 05:40am with little else to occupy my mind right now - I thought I’d articulate the thoughts that typically start rattling my birdcage at times like these.


First and foremost point is this: boy, are YOU ever in the wrong fandom. Even setting aside common complaints about New Who’s “gay agenda” (What is a gay agenda, anyway? I’ve never seen one. I own a small notebook diary, and yes, it does happen to have a rainbow cover, but something tells me that’s not quite what they mean…) then it seems to me that certain people’s heads are busy digging a hole to the Earth’s core when it comes to this fact - gay people have been at the forefront of Doctor Who since day one.

Think I’m kidding? I do mean day one. Did any of you sorry specimens know that Waris Hussein, director of An Unearthly Child, is gay?

What about the show’s longest running producer, John Nathan-Turner? Yeah, okay, everyone knew that unless they’ve been living under a cast iron bucket in Siberia since the Seventies. But the point still stands.

Then there’s Peter Grimwade, who wrote Time-Flight, Mawdryn Undead and Planet of Fire (as well as their attendant Target novelisations) and directed Full Circle, Logopolis, Kinda and Earthshock.

And what about Victor Pemberton, the man whose amazing script - Fury from the Deep - gave us the legendary sonic screwdriver?

Former companion Matthew Waterhouse?

Point is, my babies, whether you like it or not, this is one of the most inclusive fandoms there is, and regardless of your failure to acknowledge this, it always has been. You don’t get to appreciate the great things done by the countless GLBT people who have worked on the show over the last fifty years and, at one and the same time, heap unprovoked hatred on them. They helped to shape something you claim to love. You are certainly capable of showing some basic fucking respect in return.

The Doctor wouldn’t approve of your blinkered mindset. Don’t even attempt to kid yourself he would.

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If you have no problem with RTD setting most of his era in modern day London so the Doctor can have adventures with the companion’s families, I don’t see why you should upset about Moffat occasionally visiting Victorian England so the Doctor can have adventures with the Paternoster Gang. 

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