There is an idea 


There is an idea 

After this years conventions I think i’m moving on from Doctor Who ones for a bit. Try out some others and maybe some non doctor who cosplay too

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Harriet Jones was right. I want that on a t-shirt

I still absolutely hate the “don’t you think she looks tired” line. 

You get this scene with the doctor in pain and then in the middle of it he starts asking about howard keeping apples in his dressing gown haha.

Russell keeps teasing at what Ten will be like through this story…….yeah it was a smart move

The Christmas Invasion was a bloody brave move. You regenerate the doctor, The first Doctor for many people, and what do you do with him?

Stick him in bed till the very end. I don’t know whether that’s stupid or brilliant but it’s brave

Robin > Batman

ALL the Robin’s

Thinking about the third doctor is weird. I mean this was a Doctor who probably clocked off from work, went home, clocked in again the next day, gets a pay cheque. 

An alien invasion can’t happen every day he must have been so bored a lot of the time